Growing up in Loveland, a small town in Colorado, I was raised by parents that valued, appreciated and collected art. My father was an attorney for several sculptures, and my mother started Sculpture In The Park, which is now one of the largest sculpture shows in the US. From growing up working in a foundry in the summer to pursuing a degree in art myself, I’ve always loved the creative process. I love being around fellow artists and I also value the collector/buyer that encourages and supports the artists.  My husband Joe is from Huntington, WV which interestingly enough, is the hometown that housed 2 of the most well know American glass factories; Blenko and Pilgrim Glass. Our backgrounds and entrepreneurial endeavors makes this a perfect foundation to build the Maxwell Gallery.

I have my BFA from TCU in communication graphics and started J Hammond Design primarily doing album design and creative direction in the music industry in the early 90's. After my son Wyatt was born, I stopped working to raise my three boys while my husband Joe traveled and started several companies. Wyatt, my oldest fell in love with glass while at Centre College and shared with me this new medium. This last year when my youngest went away for college and Wyatt was launching the Glasshaüs, he asked if I wanted to start a gallery and rent space from him, I decided to go for it. I look forward to working with artists as well as people trying to find the perfect piece of glass art. I am also excited to help design custom glasswork, installations and lighting alongside Glasshaüs resident artist Paul Nelson. 




Maxwell Gallery is dedicated to showcasing and representing the work of glass artists, with a focus on high calibre glass art from emerging to master glass artists. The gallery’s location, directly across from the hot shop inside Glasshaüs, gives us the unique ablilty to share the process of blowing glass and allows the buyer/collector to watch firsthand this mesmerizing process, and meet directly with some of the resident and visiting artists.  





After first experiencing glass and its mesmerizing beauty at Centre College, their founder Wyatt Maxwell knew that there was no good reason for Nashville to not have a blown glass offering of its own. The goal of the Glasshaüs is to establish a place where there is a community of people from all walks of life, whether they are casual visitors or experienced artists, can engage in the creation and exploration of new things. Being with others enjoying delicious food, coffee, and the most uniquely curated venue experience is made even more cool because of the blown glass that will bind it all together. The Glasshaüs is a space where everyone is welcome to unleash their inner creativity and be a part of something truly unique.








Tuesday- Saturday

10:00 AM- 4:00 PM


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Tuesday-Saturday 10:00 AM -4:00 PM 

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